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April 01, 2010

Preferred Dental Care Bus Ad

Client: Preferred Dental Care

The client requested an arresting design of a 30" x 144" King Size bus ad to launch their out of home media promotion. To compliment their existing marketing strategy, the image that is currently used on their current promotional collateral (based on their market research) was implemented into the layout to strengthen their overall branding initiative.

The color palette was drawn from the image and their identity for several purposes. It created a nice balance and flow to prevent the image, which took up the whole right corner, from making it feel "heavy". It sectioned while subtly strengthening the cohesion between the blocks of copy and the image, unifying them. Finally, it reinforced the hierarchy of the most important information.

On a moving vehicle where potential consumers usually have a window of a few seconds to read the ad that adorns it, it was important to cull the unnecessary information from the layout and create a storybook-like flow, ideally leading the potential consumer towards the main message. For this reason it was decided to center the identity with the slogan, "We care for people, not just teeth" next to the image of the smiling pearly whites biting into a delicious peach. Based on it's initial run, it has thus far been positively received.

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