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June 08, 2009

SHF Save the Date Mailer

Client: The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation

This save the date card was designed to promote The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation's 5oth Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser. It preceded the rest of the invitation set, which was designed a short while afterwards.

The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation recently celebrated 50 years of, in their words, incubating talent in the world of classical music. This world-renowned organization also mentor and encourage aspiring young musicians to nurture their career by showcasing their talent to audiences across the country.

To commemorate the occasion, a gold metallic ink was used in this two color piece to reinforce their anniversary year. The designer created an Art-Deco inspired feel through the use of typography and by digitally illustrating a partial outline of the inside overhead view of a grand piano. It formed an industry-unique frame for the image of the foundation's two distinguished honorees, celebrated concert pianists Messers. Stecher and Horowitz. The illustration was also repeated on the other side in gold ink to separate the return address information from the recipient's, and to reinforce the Art-Deco inspiration, their golden anniversary, and the musical genre itself.

The entire piece was printed on a 100# two sided semi-coated carolina cover stock. Although a gloss covered stock would have made the gold pop more, using it would have increased the probability of mutilation while in transit because the glossy stock often "slips" and gets caught in the post office's many conveyor belts. Using a matte stock (which offers the least occurance of mutilation in transit) would not have given the halftone image enough pop and detail.

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