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June 14, 2009

SHF Gala Program Journal

Client: The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation

This 54 page program journal was designed for the The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation's 5oth Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser, and was distributed the evening of the event to commemorate the occasion.

The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation recently celebrated 50 years of, in their words, incubating talent in the world of classical music. This world-renowned organization also mentor and encourage aspiring young musicians to nurture their career by showcasing their talent to audiences across the country.

The cover is adorned by the famous silhouette of the foundation's two distinguished honorees, celebrated concert pianists Messers. Stecher and Horowitz. It is reminiscent of their invitation design, a creative decision which subconsciously strengthened their brand and tied it with the event itself.

The inside of the 8.5" perfectly bound square journal was divided into sections—letters of congratulations from various ruling bodies from New York; a section on the Foundation and it's history; and along with the inside covers and back cover, sponsored ads that were divided into gold, silver, black half and quarter page ads wrapped in an elegant complimentary border of either gold metallic, silver metallic or black ink.

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