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December 04, 2007

Archetype Design Studio Identity

Client: Archetype Design Studio

This is the flagship logo for Archetype Design Studio. Nearly a year in the making, this identity has in fact three unique variations.

A full, brilliant blue four color identity (blue symbolic not only for the "service" industry—ADS offers the service of design–and the designer's favorite color), an "A filled" one color for such uses as invoices and fax transmittal sheets and a black and white "outline" form for watermarks, among other applications.

As with the designer's online web log logo, ARCHE•BLogGER, this logo also has the ability to be altered using color and still maintain an appearance that's characteristic to the overall brand. The uniquely designed A letter is both symbolic and descriptive of the designer's unique typographic and creative style.

The overall mark's style was designed like a unique, identifiable signet, which was and continues to be used to give personal authority in lieu of a signature.

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