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February 08, 2008

Valley of the Kings/Valley of the Queens Teaser Site

Client: KMT Enterprises
Website: |

This teaser site marks the first step in the brand launch of the online web store of the clothing and accessories line respectively called VALLEY OF THE KINGS and VALLEY OF THE QUEENS, Authentic Pharaonic Apparel.

It introduces some of the famous representatives (with extraordinary credentials) who interact with the audience while they diligently perform their appointed tasks throughout the site.

Moreover, it features distinctive navigation icons, a synopsis of the epic story behind the brand, a chance to subscribe for updates and their newsletter, a page that showcases the Valley of the Kings/Valley of the Queens Official Cinematic Poster and probably one of the niftiest features, a link dedicated to the Official Website Soundtrack. It contains a selection of seven short interactive tracks from the double-CD, masterfully composed by Brian LaShure.

The second site...or more aptly, the second phase, is currently in production.

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