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December 10, 2007

Bzztby Berkley

Client: Personal

One of the forums I frequent held a friendly "create a killer robot" competition on their site. As such, the parameters were pretty flexible...anything pretty much went, so long as it didn't infringe on anyone's creative rights (or any other copyright for that matter). One's "killer" robot didn't necessarily have to be all that deadly either...a PMS day was sufficient enough (although some submissions ended up being just plain cute).

In less than an hour, Bzztby Berkley was born by way of Adobe Illustrator to a proud organic momma. Armed with his "lens flare" ray and "color-COLOR!" power, he has elements that are inspired by a fictitious "what if" union between the The Jetsons' animated robot maid Rosie and the romantic torch carrying four armed mechanical cartoon co-star, Max (handy bot to Henry Orbit). Think of him as their rebellious seed.

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